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Data Protection and Coronavirus - An experts guide

Updated: Apr 14, 2020

The global Coronavirus pandemic is creating considerable uncertainty and will likely, in one way or another affect all aspects of our lives. It is understandable to think that data protection and individual’s privacy might take a back seat during such tubulent times. However, the Information Commissioner's office has clearly stated that there will be no relaxation of the law. The one exception being to not penalise organisations who do not achieve some obligations in the desired timeframe.  

The European Data protection board has voiced some concerns about any potential changes to European privacy law which cannot not be reversed after the pandemic. In a speech delivered on the 6th April the clear message is that any additional processing concerning the Coronavirus and those affected by it must be proportionate, purpose driven and transparent.

 For many working from home, there are new issues concerning data protection. Overnight new procedures and processes have been quickly put in place and may not have benefited from the usual scrutiny or risk assessment. Our recent blog outlines some top tips for ensuring data protection compliance during and after the Coronavirus pandemic. 

Read Mark Burnett's important blog on Coronavirus and Data Protection. -

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